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WoodsEdge has been at the forefront of the llama industry and has stood at the lead shank of  Llama Futurity Champions, World Futurity winners as well as numerous other Champions and blue ribbon winners throughout the years. With four decades of breeding experience, you will find a sophisticated breeding program for elite fleeced suri llamas in specific color groups.



In 1989, WoodsEdge became the first breeders of alpacas in New Jersey. We were also part  of the importations of these amazing animals from Peru in to the United States.  With many show ring accolades, we maintain a  herd of elite fleeced alpacas whose hypo-allergenic fiber is harvested and utilized in our Field to Fashion and From Our Herd to Your Home product lines.  


Tibetan Yak

WoodsEdge is home to one of the largest herds of yak on the east coast. With the goal of creating fashions with yak fiber as well as raising a super healthy protein - we have gone back to our roots  and added these dual purpose animals to the farm landscape.