WoodsEdge Accoyo Don's Oh My Oh My

ARI #: 32208276

DOB: October 12, 2009

Sire: 6Peruvian Accoyo The Last Don

Dam: ACGA Olivia

One of the last Don daughters, 'My' has a sire whose pedigree is rich in history. The Last Don was the first huacaya and first Accoyo macho pick in the last Peruvian importation into the USA. Why? Quite simply, Don Julio Barreda had let very few plantel machos out of his herd throughout the importations, from his now notoriously famous “A” line. The Accoyo “A” line, or as he referred to it – the “alpha line” was bred for fineness, while the “B” line, which he referred to as the “beta line” was bred for density. With an impressive importation fleece statistic of 15.5 micron, Don Julio told the U.S. selection team, THIS MACHO IS ONE OF THE BEST MACHOS TO EVER BE EXPORTED FROM MY “ALPHA LINE”. With high frequency crimp from top knot to tail, The Last Don has maintained his uniformity of fiber as seen at the time of importation with .7% > 30 micron.