It's Fall Y'all!

Fall Leaves Larry.png

Ahhhhh….the cool breeze through my hair, the lack of pesky horse flies looking for a snack at my expense, the smell of my pumpkin spice latte, and the crunch of falling leaves under foot – it's fall y'all! While It feels like just yesterday, but it’s been 7 months since my visit to Salon de WoodsEdge, where the start of the WoodsEdge Farm Field to Fashion process began…..

Our luxurious fiber was expertly shorn off, hand-washed, combed in to roving and then spun in to yarn. Each year, my herd-mates and I all wait with baited breath, just like its award season to see who gets the nod for contributing to what farm product. There are always surprises and snubs, but this year my fiber was chosen for the ‘From Our Herd to Your Home’ product line. And in particular, yours truly will be featured in the category of 'New Products '(dryer balls in particular)!

I’m super excited to show off my work during the re-opening of the WoodsEdge Farm Store. Starting on November 10, the Farm Store will be open every Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 10am – 4pm.

My fellow pasture partners are equally enthused, as their 2016 work of fiber production will boast some exciting products in the Farm Store. From the all-natural, hand-felted dryer balls (compliments of moi) to fun colored sweaters and yarns using dyes certified by the Organic Trade Association to classic, super soft scarves – there is something for everyone!

Did I mention that Phase 2 of the WoodsEdge Farm Store is now complete!? Frank & Mike, the guys on American Pickers would be jealous of the barn finds that were pulled out of our circa 1700s barn (that is now known as our Mechanical & Dye Barn). It’s a must shop in – umm I mean – must see space! The industrial farmhouse style combines the rustic, country chic of old farmhouses with the sleek, functional and clean lines of modern industrial.  I know, I know, I’m watching way too much HGTV these days, as I long for the farm to re-open so that my amazing fans can visit and now it’s finally here!!

What all of us four-legged critters are looking most forward to is your visit to the farm! It’s been a long, lonely summer hanging by the pool, sipping mojitos - we are starving for attention and treats. Yes, Brent & Amy give us constant loving care, but we miss YOU (and being showered with cuddles and yummy nibbles!). 

Mark your calendars now, put it in your phone and set-up an email reminder – November 10 is opening day (or as I like to call it - come visit Larry the Llama season) at WoodsEdge Farm!

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