Letters from Larry

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Everyone always says things like stop & smell the roses or take the time to pause & reflect and they are quite right. Here on the farm I'm stopping to grab a mouthful of fresh sprouted onion grass (my fav gluten free snack) and reflecting on things past & present. You see, I didn't have such an easy go of things early on - now hang on, this isn't a sob story, but rather a quick snippet of where I came from.

About five years ago, I remember this guy walked in to my house uninvited, gave me the once over - you know that look you get on a first date - and said "Hey Larry, nice to meet you. You up for a road trip?" I can't lie; things at that time in my life had gotten pretty stale. I was hanging out with the same guys and the scenery never seemed to change. So yeah, I was game and just like that I packed my bags and we were on the road. We arrived in good spirits and once the door flung open and I hopped out I knew I had found paradise - fences as far as the eye could see and pastures filled with lush green grass, new digs knee-deep in straw which felt like moving from a one bedroom in NYC to a sprawling estate in the country.  That's when things started to look up for me.   Click here to read the full bog post.

Life on a Diversified Family Farm

Despite the unprecedented cool weather and abundant rain, spring has sprung at WoodsEdge! Flowers, crias (baby alpaca and llamas) and yak calves are each welcomed with delight. The herds run and romp through the lush green pastures. Our grass fed beef are content and although our honey production is somewhat hampered by the rain, our hives are healthy and the bees enjoying the increased bee friendly plantings we have done.

Our alpaca and llama fleece harvest was done in late March and early April this year so we could get the fleece into manufacturing channels sooner, with some exquisite hand-spinning fleeces pulled aside for our upcoming annual Summer Stitch, Spin ‘n Sip on June 23. The yak soft down is still being harvested, but visitors to our Farm Store will be totally enthralled with the yak fiber, rovings and yarns we already have processed and ready to sell.

We welcome your visit to our Farm Store filled with the bounty our 90 acre diversified family farm produces. Please visit soon! We are open from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.